Suet Bird Feeder


When spring was arriving, we had birds migrating in to find snow covered land.  So we sprinkled seed for them.  The boys loved watching all the varieties of sparrows, and their unique flock behaviors.  However, when the wind blew, the seeds scattered into the snow bank and were covered…meaning we had to replace them in order to entice the birds to stay.  Finally, we solved this hassle by melting some suet and mixing it with sugar, oatmeal and birdseed, then molding it in teacups, and hanging it from a tree branch in a red mesh bag that Adam knit on a round loom.

The birds loved it, then spring came, the snow melted and with plenty of food available, most birds moved into the surrounding forest.  Yet, birds continue to migrate, and this morning we had a new flock of sparrows attacking the little feeder!

Meanwhile, Blue-backed tree swallows are nesting in the bird houses my husband built with the boys, this winter.


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