Yesterday afternoon, I had to go to Jackson.  My husband met up with us, and we decided to buy supper at Albertson’s, get something different.  Something we don’t have available in this town.  My thought was fresh salmon.  He thought the sole looked better.  We finally just bought both, figuring we could freeze the one we didn’t eat. 

Meanwhile, the boys were busy looking too.  EW was asking how mush a live lobster cost, and could he have one for a pet?  IJ was intrigued with the octopus on ice, “Can we try some please?”  Not being someone to pass up trying new things, I thought this would be an excellent time to say yes, until the butcher asked “What part would you like, head or tentacles?”  Looking at those suction cups, ewe…thinking of what might be in the head…I changed my mind.  Sometimes new things are not a good idea, but I had told my son “Yes.”  How could I take that away?  Then I saw them.  Nice, clean, white pieces of meat labeled “Squid Tubes.”  I said “We will take some of those, instead.”

The butcher smiled, (I don’t think he was looking forward to cutting up the other creature), and wrapped up the squid.

The boys were happy with the purchase, once they realized how similar squid and octopus are, and that I would not afford the bright red octopus, but only the pinkish-grey one.

So, last night we had sole.

Tonight, I cooked the squid

After looking at recipes on line, I decided on a salad, similar to toss salad with chicken, but marinated, pan fried squid, instead. .  They were the funniest things!  The strips curled up, when placed on one side, and unrolled when turned over.  We all had fun watching them cook.

Best of all…EVERYONE liked eating it!  


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