Preparing for School

Upon completing our third year of home schooling, I took a serious look at what was working, and what wasn’t.  Then I looked at what aspects we enjoyed and learned from, and which ones were done to fill in blanks on our schedule. 

I also took an honest look at what we really did, not what I scheduled us to do.  (Drudge through one text book after another, and if anything got cut, it was the hands on projects.)  In the end, I realized I had been reproducing public education, at home.  My reasoning, was to keep Manny happy.  He made a big deal out of having records of what we had done; so others could look back on them, to see the job we had done, teaching our children.  Nice idea; but, who cares.  What parent of a public school child keeps every paper the kid drags home?  None that I’m aware of.  Furthermore, why keep them?  If the child has truly been taught, then he knows the information, and old worksheets are unnecessary for showing what he has learned.

About the time I came to these conclusions, a box from my mom arrived.  Three years subscription, from the early 1980’s, of Growing Without Schooling.  A publication aimed toward Unschooling.  Although I was vaguely aware of unschooling, (I had been accused of it before,) I really didn’t understand the principles behind it.  After reading many issues, I decided to make our summer an experiment of unschooling.

From this experiment, I learned many things.  (See “Unschooling”, under topics, or click here.)  However, the most important thing I learned what that I need a schedule.

I am a very project/goal oriented person.  The old adage “If you aim at nothing, you’re likely to hit it.”  is not very comforting.  So, I began seriously contemplating what I want our home school to look like.  When I had my answers, I had a long talk with Manny.  He liked my idea’s, but requested I keep a daily log of our activities, and if it is not clearly academic, to break it down into the components that make up “school.”

The last two weeks, I have been working on my plans for school.  It must be August…every teacher I know is excitedly planning away, regardless of were they teach.


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