First Snow of the Season

Friday morning it was freezing.  I looked at the garden and knew there was no hope of saving it with the sprinkler.  The leaves had already turned black.  All that day, I waited for it to warm up…then the kids and I would clean up the back yard for winter, but by 6 p.m., it was still cold and only getting colder.

I harvested the last of the squash and gourds, collected the beans and peas, and every sunflower head that was remotely ripe.  Then Manny came home and informed me that it was suppose to snow a foot that night!

The next morning there was only a light dusting, and I thought maybe the worst of it was over…but NO, it snowed all Saturday, and Sunday.

The kids absolutely loved it.  The first time they went out, they dressed to the hilt.  Every bit of snow clothing was drug out and put on:  Hats, gloves, pants, boots and coats; there was even a scarf or two. 

Then, Saturday afternoon, Manny and the three oldest boys helped a friend split and stack firewood.  It was then that they decided it was not that cold, and began venturing out with a bit less clothing.  By Sunday afternoon, they were daring each other:  Who could be out the longest, in the least clothing?

In and out they ran.  Around and around the maple tree they ran. 

Benjamin could stay out the longest, in his bare feet, but Daniel seemed the bravest, with no shirt.  Carrying his balloon with him, he ran as long as Caleb managed to.  The whole time he was running he was instructing his balloon not to be scared of the cold, and promising not to drop it.

As they ran, it continued to snow.  Deeper and deeper it piled up, leaving us with the feeling that it was time to hibernate.  So we all curled up in front of the fireplace to read aloud.  Manny read to us from The Door in the Dragon’s Throat, by Frank Peretti.  It is a children’s book, but exciting enough to keep an adult interested.

Later, Manny joined in the fun.  He was out there “bathing” in the snow, rubbing it all over his body, and telling the boys to get “tough and smelly.”  Later they had a snow ball fight.

Adam is the only one who insisted on dressing up. He has decided that getting cold is not really worth while.  I tend to agree with him.  No “tough and smelly” for me.

“Through boys through!  Get him!” 

Maybe they will join the Polar Bear Club this year.  Manny would love to, but I think the boys are too young.  Does not the Polar Bear Club have a minimum age?


1 Response to “First Snow of the Season”

  1. 1 Michele Joy October 18, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    I love it, I love it, I love it! These pictures are hilarious. It has not snowed yet where I live, but I will have to show these pictures to my son, and maybe he will be more adventurous about the snow, when it comes. As soon as there is a nip in the air, he thinks insulated coveralls, with the hood up, are in order.

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