Caleb’s Conclusion

Last month, when Manny and the older boys were out hunting, Caleb asked to wash dishes, and I let him.  He was so proud of himself, for the good job he did, that he requested to be added to the dish-washing rotation.  No one objected, and he did a wonderful job…until the novelty wore off.

This last week he has had to re-due the job several times, as dirty dishes keep ending up in the drainer.  After running new water, for the third time, yesterday, I gave him an ultimatum.

“Caleb, you are going to wash the dishes every day, until they are all clean in a timely manner.  Every time you have more than three dirty dishes in the to re-wash, you will have the job again the next day.”

He sighed, and said, “Okay.”  Blankly, he turned and began to walk away.

I called him back, and asked, “Caleb, what did I say to you?”

“That I have to wash dishes…” looking around sadly.

“Until when?” I prompted.

“Until I move out of the house,” he calmly answered.

“Until when?”  I prompted, again.

“Until I am old enough to move out of the house, then I won’t have to wash dishes anymore.”  He answered, a bit annoyed.

“Is that what I said?” I asked.

“No, you said I had to get them clean.”  He replied, staring off into space.

We will see how long that takes…


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