Out of Hibernation!

Okay, so I have been absent for a while.  Hibernating is more like it! 

When winter set in, I did not want to do anything except curl up and enjoy warm places.  The Christmas gifts where finished, all the socks and sweaters were completed on time! (Though no everything was mailed out in the most timely of manners.)

School has continued to plod along.  The children are learning, and tonight, for the first time, Caleb read a book to himself!  You bet I am proud of him. 

Almost equally exciting: today, things began to melt!  Hooray!  Okay.  It will still be months (and months) before the snow is gone, but something melting is better than nothing melting… 

Okay, so plastic toys melting is not better,  but back to the good news:

Spring is on its way, and will begin to make an appearance before long!  Birds will arrive, and bits of green will show up, despite the snow.  Until then, my boys will continue to ski and sled whenever they have the chance.


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