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Out of Hibernation!

Okay, so I have been absent for a while.  Hibernating is more like it! 

When winter set in, I did not want to do anything except curl up and enjoy warm places.  The Christmas gifts where finished, all the socks and sweaters were completed on time! (Though no everything was mailed out in the most timely of manners.)

School has continued to plod along.  The children are learning, and tonight, for the first time, Caleb read a book to himself!  You bet I am proud of him. 

Almost equally exciting: today, things began to melt!  Hooray!  Okay.  It will still be months (and months) before the snow is gone, but something melting is better than nothing melting… 

Okay, so plastic toys melting is not better,  but back to the good news:

Spring is on its way, and will begin to make an appearance before long!  Birds will arrive, and bits of green will show up, despite the snow.  Until then, my boys will continue to ski and sled whenever they have the chance.

Pay It Forward

I have joined a little challenge to ‘pay it forward‘ (PIF).  This challenge is like a reverse chain letter.  One person sends out a homemade gifts to three people, those three then make their own gifts, and sent them out to three others.  The best part about the reversal is that you choose to be part of it, rather than it being forced on you. 😉  



Last night, Manny brought the mail home, and my ‘pay it forward’ gift had arrived!  It is this cute little wreath ornament, made of strips of fabric.  The kids all loved it, and wanted to play with it.  After each had a turn to hold it (and lose it), I tracked it down, and gave it a place of honor in the entry way. Thank You!!!

This made me realize that a homemade gift could be anything…     I had been limiting my thoughts to sewn/knitted/crocheted items, but now I have lots of ideas. 

The guidelines are as follows:

I would like 3 people to participate in my PIF challenge. In turn you must agree to post your PIF challenge on your blog and send homemade gifts to *3* people who sign up. You have 365 days to make and send your gifts. If more than 3 people sign up, I will draw names from a hat. If you do not think you can make and send 3 gifts within a year’s time, please don’t sign up.

Please leave a comment.

In the meantime, I am going to figure out what I want to give!  I figured out what I am giving!

Projects in Progress

Trying to get done, before Christmas…



Benjamin recently informed me that his pajamas were all getting too small, and he didn’t think he could wait until Christmas for a new pair.  I disagreed with him, but searched my stash for suitable fabric anyway.  He saw this striped fabric, and thought it would be perfect. 

We took a day, made the pattern, and the pajamas.  He is one of the happiest, proudest little boys I know–with very warm pajamas.


Growing up, I loved making my own patterns, and now I get to pass this knowledge and enjoyment along to my children!



For months now, they have been gathering, cutting, splitting and stacking it.  Today they finished.  All of our firewood for the year is ready to use!

At first it was slow going, but, as they say, “practice makes perfect.”  Manny and the boys soon worked out a system to efficiently handle the work.  They set up two splitting stumps, and Benjamin manned one while Adam manned the other. 









Manny split one log after another, while the boys gathered the split wood and kept the stumps ready.  They hauled the wood by hand, in wheelbarrows, the tractor bucket, and finally, in their cozy coupes.

Everyone got involved, and it often became a contest.  They loved to see who could haul the most. Daniel and Caleb competed against each other, hauling wood as fast as they could; while Adam and Benjamin also sought to out work each other, and together, out-do Manny.  In the end, everyone won, as the last of the wood was stacked away in the garage this morning.  We will all be warm this winter. The Last of the Wood

Socks–I’m Learning!

I knit my swatch, checked my gage, reviewed my patterns, and began on a pair of socks for Manny.  At first, everything looked great, but after about ten rows, they began looking a little small.  Twenty rows…really small.  I put them away, thinking I would check them out, compared to Manny’s leg, when he got home…

As the day progressed, I knew they would not fit him.  I would either have to rip them out, and start over, or make them for someone else.  That evening, Manny tried my beginnings on, and sure enough, they would not even go over his heal.  He smiled, and said, “Thank you Honey, for thinking of me, but these had better be for Benjamin.”  I couldn’t have of agreed more. 

So what went wrong?  First of all, the patterns I have are obviously made for very skinny men.  Second, they are designed to be 7″ socks, not the knee socks, my husband loves.  Third, my gage was off.  I guess, from here on out, I will have to knit in a round to make my gage, for round knitting.  I didn’t know my knitting changed that much from flat to round.  Oh well.  Benjamin loves them…he would wear them all the time, if I wasn’t making him wait until winter to use them; and starting over would not have been all that bad.  Just more learning experience.  Think of it as a class, where you don’t necessarily produce something you really want, but you come away with the skills to make what ever you want.  🙂

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