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Socks–I’m Learning!

I knit my swatch, checked my gage, reviewed my patterns, and began on a pair of socks for Manny.  At first, everything looked great, but after about ten rows, they began looking a little small.  Twenty rows…really small.  I put them away, thinking I would check them out, compared to Manny’s leg, when he got home…

As the day progressed, I knew they would not fit him.  I would either have to rip them out, and start over, or make them for someone else.  That evening, Manny tried my beginnings on, and sure enough, they would not even go over his heal.  He smiled, and said, “Thank you Honey, for thinking of me, but these had better be for Benjamin.”  I couldn’t have of agreed more. 

So what went wrong?  First of all, the patterns I have are obviously made for very skinny men.  Second, they are designed to be 7″ socks, not the knee socks, my husband loves.  Third, my gage was off.  I guess, from here on out, I will have to knit in a round to make my gage, for round knitting.  I didn’t know my knitting changed that much from flat to round.  Oh well.  Benjamin loves them…he would wear them all the time, if I wasn’t making him wait until winter to use them; and starting over would not have been all that bad.  Just more learning experience.  Think of it as a class, where you don’t necessarily produce something you really want, but you come away with the skills to make what ever you want.  🙂

A Sweater for Baby

This afternoon, as I was finishing Gideons sweater, I was filled with joy.  It marked a major accomplishment for me.  I have always wanted to clothe my children in little homemade garments, but, in the past there has been little need for this, as my mother-in-law has always given the children clothing for every occasion.  However, as the weather started to turn cool a few weeks ago, the idea for making this sweater came, and I could not resist; especially, knowing the jacket my other children have used is quite worn.

Gideon was playing with a newly completed dishcloth…pulling it over his head, wrapping it under his chin, thoroughly enjoying it.  He looked so sweet in the off-white yarn, I lost no time in measuring him, and casting on the beginning stitches.

When beginning this sweater, my goal was to make something soft and warm for the crisp fall days ahead.  To that purpose I outlined it with a garter stitched boarder.  I wanted it roomy, for easy layering and lots of moving.  It is all those things, and much, much more.

When I cast off the last stitch and cut the thread, Gideon was there, cuddling with it.  When I brought up the buttons, looking for something to compliment it, he was there, digging, and finding too. The final decision was made by him, after I had narrowed it down to two choices.

The yarn is Peaches & Creme worsted weight cotton, colour 4 Ecru, that I bought at Wal-Mart.  It is made in the USA.  The buttons are vintage metal with a crest on them.  They were passed on to me by my great aunt Beverly, who either rescued them from an old garment or bought them at a second hand store.  The pattern is 100% my own.

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