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Happy Birthday: 34 years and 1 month

100_4220Last month Manny celebrated his 34th birthday with Mud Pie and Elk Hunting a long hike.  He had a good time out in the mountains, but got lonely for his family, so came home and took the two oldest boys back out with him.  They all had fun, but came home so dirty, I didn’t even want to talk about it.

So, why are we celebrating again?  Well, it seems old age has some advantages.  He has no idea how old he is.  In the weeks before his birthday he was asked his age several times, and each time he told the person something different.  These false ages ranged from 27-36 years of age.  The funny part is that he had no idea he was lying to anyone.  Of course, the kids always caught him, and informed him of his mistake.

Now, when someone asks him his age, he looks around for one of the children…to find out how old he is.

Happy Birthday, and a month, Honey!  I love you!



This last week Daniel and I both celebrated our birthdays.  He turned three, while I am only one day older than I was the day before.


For his birthday, he got to go to work with Manny for a couple of hours.  He was so proud of himself. 









For my birthday, I made my favorite cheese cake. 


This weekend, Manny is taking me out for the evening.

An Interview with Daniel

This morning, I thought I would find out what kind of Birthday Cake Daniel would like to have, since his birthday is coming up next week.  This is how the conversation went:

Me:  Daniel, you have a birthday coming.

Daniel:  That is because I am getting bigger.  Look my hands are big.

Me:  They sure are big.

Daniel:  And I am strong too.

Me:  Yes you are.  Hey, I was wondering what kind of cake you would like to have for your birthday.

Daniel:  Yes.

Me:  What do you mean.

Daniel:  I want cake.

Me:  Okay, but what kind?

Daniel:  The kind we eat.

Me:  What flavor.

Daniel:  Like we had before.  Chocolate, Carmel, yummy.

Me:  Like Daddy’s? [Daddy had an Ice-cream Pie]

Daniel:  Yah, and the other kind!

Me:  What other kind?

Daniel:  Like you made before.  The big one.

Me:  Do you mean Banana Cake, or Chocolate Cake, in layers?

Daniel:  Yah!

Me:  Pick one.

Daniel:  One!

I guess I’ll be making the decision, and evidently, he will enjoy it.  🙂

Baby Turns One

Gideon’s birthday arrived, much to the delight of his brothers.  You see, we had received a package from Nanna, and they were all anticipation. 

What could he be getting? 

It turned out to be a baby bowling set!  When my oldest turned one, I had almost bought him one of these, remembering the fun my cousins and I had had with Grandma’s Donald Duck set…but, back then we lived in a camper.  All of that to say, I am delighted, and so is he.  The little animals are perfect for hugging, and everything jingles!  Thank you Nanna, from all of us. 

This evening we will finish celebrating, with a banana cake and a candle, but right now baby is sleeping.

Adam’s 9th Birthday


Today my oldest son turned nine.  Wow!  He is half way to flying the coop.  The first years have been a blessing, and we, as parents look forward to the rest.  (The fun is just beginning.)

For his birthday, he got one large gift:  a mountian bike that should last him well into his teen years. 

For his cake I made brownies, and decorated them with a fire breathing dragon; Just as he requested.

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