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Decorating Cookies

For the first time in the history of this family, we made rolled cookies and decorated them.  I don’t know why we have never done this before…  It is not hard, a bit time consuming, but so much fun! 


We started this project last Thursday evening, with mixing the dough.  The next day we rolled and cut.  There was lots of snitching.  I was almost afraid we would not have any cookies.  ;-0

Yesterday, we took time to decorate them.  It was so fun to see the kids creativity and individual personalities come out:  The colors they chose, their skill level, and the cookies they most enjoyed decorating.

100_4522Adam was studious, and concentrated hard on his work.  He decorated long after the others had tiered out and gone to play.

He decorated a cookie with each member of the family in mind.  It is fun to see him growing and thinking of others.

Daniel wanted so much to be involved.  I gave him three cookies, and a knife.  He would frost the cookie, say it was ugly, and lick the frosting off.  Then he would frost it again.  He kept himself occupied some time in this manner, until the gingerbread man broke!  He ‘glued’ its leg back on, with frosting, and then put a puddle on it, made of several colors.  he really liked that one, and saved it to show daddy.

100_4521After dad had seen his handy work, he fed it to Gideon, who objected not in the least!  We ran out of frosting, before we ran out of cookies.  I am debating  mixing up some more, and enjoying this together time again or just enjoying the unfrosted cookies with guests…as we clearly can’t serve these to others.

Gotta Love ’em!

<- Daniel, showing me what is left of his last cookie.


Getting Involved

Too many chefs spoil the broth…

Or so I have been told.  This afternoon we decided to make lasagna for supper, only to discover that we were out of lasagna noodles.  Since we had already taken a trip to the post office, I really did not want to run to the grocery store, and was seriously considering the ramifications of using spaghetti, when I remembered how simple it is to make noodles.

I called the boys together, and informed them of the difficulty (not having noodles), and told them that if they wanted lasagna, they were going to have to help.  I had four volunteers immediately.

Adam and Benjamin were eager to get ingredients.  Daniel was sitting on the table, demanding a spatula, so he could mix, and Gideon, who has just learned how to climb onto the chairs, was up to the table.  Caleb, it seems, had disappeared, about the time I mentioned “help.”

They mixed and kneaded.

They rolled and rolled; and then…they helped some more. 

I am use to the big boys helping, and Caleb leaving when ever possible.  Caleb has made himself my regular mixer, he is sure I can’t make biscuits with out his help.  Yet, I was amazed by Gideon’s help, and his desire to be part of everything!

Of course, they sampled too!  Everything must be tasted.

BTW, supper was wonderful.  I find it is always so much better when there are many chefs cooks presenting home-made goodness to Daddy.


Cherry-Apple Jelly

Last week the boys and I spent three hours picking cherries at a friends’ house.  Then we spent part of the next three days pitting and canning.  We put up 10 quarts for pie making, candied one quart for minced meat, and made a couple of pies to eat right away.  There is nothing like “instant” gratification to keep boys working!  Hoever, we still had lots of cherries left…so we made jelly.  No pitting involved!

This is just the jelly!

This is just the jelly!

My reciepe came from “The Rocky Mountain Berry Book”, and was intended for chokecherries and crab apples, but they won’t be ready for another month, at least.



Yesterday afternoon, I had to go to Jackson.  My husband met up with us, and we decided to buy supper at Albertson’s, get something different.  Something we don’t have available in this town.  My thought was fresh salmon.  He thought the sole looked better.  We finally just bought both, figuring we could freeze the one we didn’t eat. 

Meanwhile, the boys were busy looking too.  EW was asking how mush a live lobster cost, and could he have one for a pet?  IJ was intrigued with the octopus on ice, “Can we try some please?”  Not being someone to pass up trying new things, I thought this would be an excellent time to say yes, until the butcher asked “What part would you like, head or tentacles?”  Looking at those suction cups, ewe…thinking of what might be in the head…I changed my mind.  Sometimes new things are not a good idea, but I had told my son “Yes.”  How could I take that away?  Then I saw them.  Nice, clean, white pieces of meat labeled “Squid Tubes.”  I said “We will take some of those, instead.”

The butcher smiled, (I don’t think he was looking forward to cutting up the other creature), and wrapped up the squid.

The boys were happy with the purchase, once they realized how similar squid and octopus are, and that I would not afford the bright red octopus, but only the pinkish-grey one.

So, last night we had sole.

Tonight, I cooked the squid

After looking at recipes on line, I decided on a salad, similar to toss salad with chicken, but marinated, pan fried squid, instead. .  They were the funniest things!  The strips curled up, when placed on one side, and unrolled when turned over.  We all had fun watching them cook.

Best of all…EVERYONE liked eating it!  

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