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 After publishing Of Mice and Men I realized how long it has been, since I have successfully posted anything, so here is a quick update.   The last 10 days of June, my family and I went on Vacation to Montana.  We went with the purpose of visiting all the relatives in that state, and seeing the family farm in Ft. Benton, which Manny (my husband) had not seen in 15+ years, and I had never seen.  Overall, it was a successful trip, as we accomplished 95% of what we set out to do.

When we got home, the garden needed to be dealt with, as it had snowed the week before we left on vacation, and therefore planting was not done…but now the corn is up (hopefully it will have ripe ears before it freezes), and we have had salad every day for the last two weeks.

Friendships and community events have also kept us busy. 

Before we left on vacation, Manny had let a couple, who are full time RVer’s, set up their camper on out property, with the understanding that he was to find a job and a campground to move into by the time we got back.  I was not real thrilled about this, but it was not my decision.  However, while we were gone the he up and died.  His widow is still here, but will be leaving soon, as town laws only allow limited RV use.

Independence Day, this town had its first ever parade, and we were invited to ride on the National Guard float, which we did, and greatly enjoyed. 

Another change:  instead of using my children’s initials in blogs, I am going to call them by the pet names of Adam, Benjamin, Caleb, Daniel, and Gideon, in accordance with my favorite movie.

A Week of Gardening?

This last week, it being the beginning of June, I started planting my garden.

Monday the skies were fair, until I made that first wide row.  Then the clouds started to gather, and before I had finished planting the garlic, it began to rain.

Tuesday, it stormed all day.

Wednesday, there was fresh snow on the mountains.

Thursday, the sun came to visit again, and we planted lettuce, spinach, endive, augural, radishes (no, I don’t like them either, but you’ve got to have a few), carrots, peas, and turnip…before it started to rain.

Friday, it rained.

And Saturday?  We got snowed on. J


June 1st, is supposed to be our last frost date—we have until August 15th, before it is supposed to get cold again, but this morning there was frost on the compost pile, and in the garden walk ways.

What happened to global warming?  I was looking forward to some “climate changes”…maybe I need to throw more stuff away, use disposable diapers, and try hairspray.

Do you suppose that would help?

Gardening Has Begun!


Buying my husband a tractor may be one of the best decisions we have ever made. 

This weekend he tilled my garden to be!

We live in a zone 3, and old timers say rocks and weeds grow best.  I can attest to the rocks, as our harvest of them deepens everyday. 😉



Due to the small size of my previous garden, we have only grown what we knew would do well; which means a 60 day or less growing season.  This year we plan to experiment with items that have a longer maturity date.  Our hope is that the long daylight hours will have an affect…much like Alaskan gardening.

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