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This is the Way…

 …We wash our clothes, so early in the morning.”

When I was in college, a classmate usually washed her clothes by hand, claiming it was just as easy [as using a machine] and much quicker.  She had grown up on a homestead, without electricity, and wash day was a family favorite, as everyone pitched in to get the laundry done.  My sister took the same rout, while in college.

These thoughts came back to me the other day, as I stood, surveying mounds of laundry.  I had gotten behind, and it would take two long days of babysitting the washing machine, just to catch up.

“That’s it!”  I declared to the boys.  “We are going to wash this mess by hand.”  And we did.  I washed, rinsed and wrung out the clothing, while the boys hung them on the line.  It took us three hours, but we washed all of our clothing, bedding and towels.  The hardest part was stinging extra line (we had to find something to make do with), so it all could get dry.  The best part, (besides only three hours) was watering the trees with the left over water. 

This method worked so well, later in the week I hand washed the diapers.  Today we tackled a weeks worth, again. This time it only took us two hours, plus drying time, to get everything washed folded and put away!  I am seriously considering a hand crank wringer to add to my operation, and clothes line in the basement, for winter time use. 😉


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